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Working from Home: The Beauty and the Beast.

  Most people are used to the routine of getting out of bed, getting dressed and driving themselves to a work place. From sitting in an office surrounded by people (and computers) to...


Most people are used to the routine of getting out of bed, getting dressed and driving themselves to a work place. From sitting in an office surrounded by people (and computers) to traveling around to bring the bread to their tables. This is what we call a 'normal' job and people get paid for what they do, some get paid more and some less for what their efforts are worth. And so, we measure success in terms of how well they climb the ladder, call it company positions or monthly cheques and for even how well they have been able to network and sell themselves... But what is certain, is that everyone will have a different opinion, as it will be the base for any perception about work ethics.

But what happens when people decide to make a living from staying indoors? It might be circumstancial or it might be optional, but working from home is still being prejudged and misconceived. There are lots of pros for working from home, but there are as well many cons of which if you are not aware, your life might end up getting out of control and turning a very valuable position into a nightmare.

A towering range of jobs of all sorts can be done from home thanks to the massive opportunities that the internet offers. From blogging to finance, women now have the chance to manage a well paid job while looking after their kids, but being super organized and disciplined is a MUST.

Here we paint a word picture of some of those misconceptions and what's more, some tips for people who decide to work from the peace of their home.


What people think: 'stay at homes' don't need to even have a shower, nonetheless wear a suit or heels... and having said that, do their makeup, hair and fight the traffic in order to get to the office on time. It doesn't matter how you look or how fat or thin you are, how healthy you are or if your skin is a mess because noone will see you anyway...

In Fact: People DO have a shower, dress up and do their hair, makeup and the others... and yes, you might not have to squeeze inside a cramped train or bip the horn because you are kind of late, but think about the responsibility and stress of someone working from home trying to do their best and get enough income to pay the bills... let alone dealing with the taxation office!

And if you work from home and you don't get charming and attractive, well you are WRONG! Jump out of that state of inertia because getting pretty as a picture is a matter of self esteem and not about earning an Oscar.

TIP. There is no need to wear sky high heels to wander around the house, but a graceful pair of ballerinas will do wonders in case you have to open the door to the postman or run an errand. As well, it should only take you 5 minutes for a quick makeup and maybe another five to blow dry your hair... analyze what can make you look neat and nice without spending much time on it. Maybe a hair cut might be all you need to suit your needs. Throw on a pair of jeans, a nice shirt and some bewitching earrings and when you walk past the mirror, you will find out how informal-tasty you can be.

PLEASE: Leave slippers and pajamas (even if they are cashmere and so very pretty) for after having a deserved bath and before hitting the pillow.

Some Ideas?? On makeup & On what to wear.


What people think: It's easy to be doing the house chores including cleaning, washing and supermarket while you are doing your job. And that means it leaves you lots of free time in the afternoon to do as you please.

In Fact: If you try mixing too much home and work errands, the performance of both will be affected. As people working in an office, working from home requires attention and concentration.

TIP: Team culture DOES work, and just as in any office people work together, your team at home includes the people that live with you. Have them understand that your job is exactly the same as any other job, so involve everyone and delegate home chores to your partner and kids (appropiate for their age). A house that doesn't get messed up in the first place won't take too much effort and time to come back to a pristine condition. Have everyone do their bed before school or clean after their breakfast in the kitchen. It will make life easier for everyone and stress-free.


What people think: Working from home is so much better just because you don't have to deal with ill-mannered bosses or ungracious workmates.

In Fact: It is great not having to deal with a boss that doesn't respect your ideas or colleagues who try to drag you down in your professional career, it is all true. But being honest, how many of those bad entities are out there compared to the high quality ones? A large number of good friendship circles start from work and people working from home might find themselves kind of isolated and lonely at the end of the day. As well, good workmates can lift you up when you are feeling down, so you either need lots of self motivation skills or call your friends!!

TIP: Always invest time with your friends, the ones you met once at another job, the ones from school, childhood or neighbours. Working from home can make you find yourself without stepping out of your house for a few days and not even talking much, which can make you feel down. Organize your schedule and predetermine some time to spend with friends, laughing and talking and will keep your brain fresh and your heart warm. Friendship is priceless!


What people think: If they can work from home, how serious can it be? Plus, a normal job involves meetings and dinners out of business hours, so someone who stays at home has lots of spare time.

In Fact: Because you don't dine with VPs or rub shoulder with VIPs, it doesn't mean your role in the economy is less important than any other job. Actually, it is a very daunting decision to start up a business and run it yourself, not to mention the endless days you need to invest and risk of your own money to get up and running.

This point here also involves the misconception about people having free time to do anything they like, like going for a drink, a coffee or have lunch at a nice restaurant during business hours. It is true people can manage to do other things or make appointments during the week like having a haircut, manicure or facial, but be sure they will pay for those 'lost' hours any other time including the weekend and are on call 24/7 in case of contingencies.

Another VERY important point, especially for women, is the title people give you when you don't have a normal job: 'stay at home mum'. People tend to undervalue those women who decide to look after their kids, or simply work from home... all we can say in that account is: keep going! Someone here appreciates you are raising kids and good on you! Don't let anyone belittle you for this ever!


What people think: Any place around the house will do for working as long as it has a desk and a computer.

In Fact: Pleasant surroundings with comfortable working conditions and the necessary tools are needed as in ANY other workspace in any office. Your working area in not a place for everyone to come and play or your computer to be for public use.

TIP: If you are serious about what you do, treat your surroundings and yourself with the same level of respect: if you can't have a specific room for an office, at least set boundaries and if required, some signs of no tresspassing! As well, have handy a scented candle or room spray, always have colourful flowers in a nice vase and get yourself some good quality speakers to listen to some music to lift up the spirit. You will find yourself so much more relaxed and productive with a serene environment.


What people think: for people working from home routine is not as hard as they can do many other things besides sitting at a desk.

In Fact: routine can get more tedious and difficult to deal with as you don't have plenty of people around for chit-chat or share a coffee with. As well, you have the same walls around you 24/7...

TIP: Find a coffee shop, library, shopping mall, gallery, restaurant or any other pleasant place where you can sit and work for a while, have a nice drink and a meal while you work and see some people around. Do this at least once a week as a treat for you and as a spark for brainstorming. So if you see something different out there, write a note or take a picture, as it might be the source of inspiration for your next move.

Some other little tips we want to share with you in order to keep your daily life in balance if working from home:

♦ Take time to stretch during the day. As you might not need to go and get some copies, other reports from the workmate, or attend a boss meeting, most probably you will be seating all the time and it is not physically or mentally healthy.

♦ Have your lunch time the same way everyone does and have healthy food. It is easy to be grabing a snack here and there as the cupboard is very handy, so set a time to have your proper meals and avoid buying junk food at the supermarket because you will eat it. Go for a 20 minute walk, it will do wonders!

♦ Drink plenty of water, at least 2-3 litres a day. Besides being good for your body and skin, it will make you walk to a from the bathroom: you will stretch a bit and might bring a good idea for your next blog topic!

♦ If you feel down about business going a bit slow, think of this time as the chance to learn from other's experiences, make your research and think again of what can you change to improve.

♦ You are surrounded by the influences of attitudes and if yours is a positive one, the outcome will always be great. Trust yourself and feel confident to one day be able to compete in the big leagues.

♦ Have an interest or hobby and allocate time for it during the week to break the routine.

♦ Always learn something new; reading is very important even if it is history, nature or human psychology. It will always help you to keep ideas flowing and reach out to people. Plus, you might find it very relaxing.

♦ Keep on top of the new technology and ways of doing business. Relate and apply to your business.

♦ Don't be afraid of the competition, instead learn why they are successful and get ideas for your business.

♦ Any profession, career, job or business will be as successful as you make it, with hard work and good attitude. Luck is out of the game.

♦ Stress less and do more.

♥ Always remember to follow your instincts, do what you are most passionate about and TRUST YOURSELF.

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