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Make your coat the focus point with this season's statement pieces.

  M ost of us dread the days of the cold breeze, gloomy and gray days of winter. But surely that is something we won't be able to pass by even by imploring to the gods of the...


Most of us dread the days of the cold breeze, gloomy and gray days of winter. But surely that is something we won't be able to pass by even by imploring to the gods of the olympus, so why not - at least try - puting your best face to the worst of winter? Anyway, these are the days when you can actually layer all your favorite pieces and wear most of the things  in your closet. And with pinch of extra wit added you can actually express a lot of your personality in your winter clothes, specially with your coats. 

They come in any different lenghts, colors, prints, some styles are very classic and some other ones have been IN for just a season... but what it is true, is that you can make of your coat you best ally: 

Great tip for petites: the image below shows how a long coat can make you look taller an slimmer. Look at how she kept top and jeans in a similar tone and the coat in a similar but different color... this gives the illusion of a longer and slimmer figure because the eyes travel up & down in the middle area.

You can always achieve this look with your classic trench coat, in which is best to invest a little fortune as its style will never go out of fashion (it's been IN for several decades now) and will always cover your fashion sins if you need to.

From season to season, designers have fun playing up with the classic styles like the trench by adding prints, colors, textures and even shine. But the nature of the trench has remained almost untouched since it's invention during the First World War. It is a classic and even if you decide to go funky with one, the style will remain forever and you will NEVER go wrong with your trench.

Click Here for trench style coats in the shopping mall.

A long coat is both classic and warm, it will take you from day-night and in the most dreadful weather... it is THE must-have. There are many long coats available for any kind of budgets, all you need to is a little research and you will find what suits best, to your clothing and your pocket, but buy the most classic style and best quality you can afford, so you can use it many seasons to come.

Go here to see the favorite long coats.

For sure you have a great black coat, that one that takes you both to funerals or weddings, office events and cocktail drinks... but what about adding a black coat to turn up the style a notch? Yes, that black coat will take you anywhere, but this is about making a statement, right?

Ponchos and capes are a great option to modernize your daily outfit! Check out all the options: Here for capes & Here for ponchos.

Both pricey and affordable options offer some drama and interest making your coat the focal point of any outfit.

Making use of colour and prints is the best option for you to make the MOST of your coat, make a bold impression and the best of all, your coat will speak for itself and you can relax in the rest of your outfit.


Who would you remember best: the girl in a black or red coat?? The girl with nude or red lips??

Click Here for the latest red coats.


It is not very usual that girls come out in whites, nudes or pastels out the door duing the winter, but it is a great way of making your way through it! A proper off-white coat will bring elegance and status to all your outfits, all you need to do is being a bit more careful with spillage and dirt.

To make them look even more interesting, pair them with ripped jeans OR a mini skirt and thigh-high boots.

Go Here for off-white & neutral colored coats.

Adding texture to you off-white coat is a great way to vamp up any look, making you look both dramatic but cool. Pair your furry friend with anything, from jeans to a mini leather skirt and use it anytime of the day.

Click here to find your perfect fluffy match.


Be a bit more daring this winter and get a print coat, you will be the focus of the room and for the good reasons! Also, having a print coat doesn't mean you can't mix it with a print scarf... be my guest and do so without remorse, it looks stunning!!! Just have a look:

For check-print coats click here.

For tartan-print scarves click here.

If you feel a bit shy about wearing an animal printed long coat, there are options like these to still make you feel trendy without intimidating you too much.

Click here for more animal-print numbers.

Other colors you just can't miss out on this season:

This tone is called many different ways and varies a little from brand to brand, or fabric or even countries. But it is one of the colors of the season and you cannot miss out on it for any reason: oxblood, burgundy, wine, merlot, maroon, cherry, berry, bordeaux...

Get hold of yours here.

Green represents nature and forest, plus it offer a calming sensation and it's a happy color as well.

Choose a green tone for you here.

Achieve the Olsen's look with a poncho or cape.

A deep yellow/mustard coat offers a good alternative to a classic camel coat and surley will make perceptible entrance wherever you step in.

Check out the yellow toned coats here.

Blue in all it's shades: a light blue instead of off-white or a darker tone instead of black.

Find here your prefered blue coat.

Gilets or Vests are a great alternative to a coat/jacket. They can easily be dressed up or down according to your warmth needs, occasion and/or time of the day. They come in an endless list of fabrics and materials, colors and styles to choose from, but a furry gilet is a closet-staple and will add instant glam to anything you decide to pair yours with.

Check out the latest trends for the season on gilets and vests here.

And last but not least, a BRIGHT pink piece! It couldn't miss the list for this season's trends and it can't miss your closet either! If you feel like a fuschia of flamingo pink color can be a bit overwhelming, stir for a lower tone, but please do consider investing in a pink number for winter... it will add lots of fun to your jeans, work outfits and night-outings.

Check out the list of pink jackets to keep up with the winter cold here.

Style Guide: Look how Miroslava Duma matches her accesories and pairs her bright coat with a statement necklace. Brilliant!

I really hope you enjoyed my blog post but what I would love the most is to hear your feedback, it can be on coats or any other topic... maybe we can even comment in any other topics and get ideas for another blog post... how does that sound to you?

Let's keep in contact: once you sign up to Gosscloset, add me as a friend and we can connect with our closets and lend a styling hand to each other.


Erica xx.


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