Site Features

Gosscloset is a free fashion site for women.

The site has been designed to enable women to create and manage their own style.

There are several key features with the site that provide all the required fashion tools a woman needs.

Once registered (with just an email address, user name and password), all users will have:

GC Page for a snapshot of all your fashion stuff plus your own feed for friends.

Closet for all you fashion and style items.

Canvas to make outfits using items from your closet, wish list or the Gosscloset shopping mall.

Creations showing all of your outfits and creations.

Wish List for anything you find on Gosscloset or any online shopping sites.

Clipper which is your own bookmarklet that you add to your browser toolbar to enable you to ‘clip’ any item you find on any other site an place them in your closet or wish list.

Circles where you can join a circle for like minded people or people with similar interests.  You can also create your own circles and invite friends.

Style Blog is a fashion blog where you can find information to help you with fashion, style and beauty as well create your own blog and follow other blogs.

Albums for all your photos and videos.

People where you can see your friends, followers and followings.

Shopping mall where you can shop online for women’s fashion via any of our 50 affiliate stores.

To build up your closet you can search the web for an image of any particular item you have then use the Clipper to clip it to your closet.  You can also add closet item images from your computer, phone or from you gosscloset albums.  The closet includes categories for all you various items and you can add the brand, store and colour.  You can search for all red items in your closet or all items of a particular brand.  You can share your closet with your friends, selected people or keep it private. Visit the Gosscloset Staff’s closet to see a loaded closet and sign up to see all of Staff’s pages.

Using the Canvas you can create outfits using items from your closet, your wish list and the shopping mall.  You can also use items from your friends’ closet.  When an outfit is competed, it can be published to share with everyone, just your friends, selected people or kept private.  You can invite people to help you with an outfit creation and allow them to access your closet to make a suggestion.

You can browse the gosscloset home page to see what other members are up to.  You can follow anyone that is of interest to you and keep up to date with their activity.  If they are active on the Style Blog you can view all of their fashion blog articles.

You can start your own fashion blog in the Style Blog and start a Circle with a particular theme and invite friends to join.  You can keep your circle by invitation only or you can allow anyone to join.

Visit your friends GC Pages and see their activity.

Shop in the shopping mall and add any purchased items directly to your closet.

For any queries or suggestions, please contact at or here.




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