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First click the menu icon on the top right of the page and select My Settings.  

Here you will land on the Edit Profile page where you can update all of your information and upload an avatar.

You can change your cover image by hovering over the image and clicking Change and selecting Upload.  Once uploaded, you can reposition the image by clicking Change and selecting Reposition.

All information is optional except for a first name and an avatar.

Click the following tabs to edit the settings.

Account Settings - here you can edit your email and manage your password.

Privacy Settings - here you determine who can see the listed pages.  By default, these are set to Everyone.

Invite Friends - here you can connect with other social sites and select friends to invite or by direct email.


How do I start building my closet?


Items can be added to your closet directly from your own images, clipping an image from a website or directly from the Shopping Mall.  On mobile camera devices, photos can be directly uploaded from an existing image or a new image via the camera.


On your Closet page, select ADD ITEM then choose an option from the drop down.

Use Clipper - this will take you to the Clipper page.  Simply drag the GossCloset Clipper bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar of your browser.  Then you can search the web for any of the closet items you already have using Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. When you find an item you are looking for, click the Clipper bookmarklet and then complete the information required in the pop-up and click SAVE.  The item will be saved to the selected category in your closet.  You can find items in your closet by colour, brand and store filters.

Shopping Mall - will take you to the Shopping Mall landing page where you can search for items and use the Add to Closet button for any of the items you view or purchase there.

Album Image - if you have images of closet items in any of your albums, you can select from these and then add the colour, brand and store information plus a description then save to your closet.

From Computer - if you have images of closet items on your computer, you can select from these and then add the colour, brand and store information plus a description then save to your closet.

TIP - If you want to take photos of your own items to upload, use the whitest plain background you can and good lighting.  This will make your items look their best and easier to use on the Canvas for creating outfits.


There are four closet templates from which to choose.  Choose one then click SET AS DEFAULT.

Tip - when adding items to your closet, choose broad colour names for all shades and similar colours, eg: red for all shades of red, rust colours etc.  This will make it easier to find all items in your closet for a particular colour group.


Does Gosscloset have Circles?


Select CIRCLES from the top menu and you will land on the Circles page.  

Here you will see all the currently active Circles and you can browse any of these unless the creator has set them as private, in which case you can request to be added to that Circle.

You can join any of the Circles that are not set as Private.

You can also create your own Circle and invite Friends.

The Circles you have joined will show on the top half of the Circles landing page.


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