Gosscloset ® Clipper

The Gosscloset ® Clipper is a browser bookmark that lets you easily import items from other websites into Gosscloset ®.

Add to your own closet/collection by adding items from other sites using our clipper. Simply drag the Gosscloset ® Clipper to your browser's bookmarks toolbar and get started or view the tutorial below for a quick how-to.

STEP 1: Drag the "Gosscloset ® Clipper" button to your browser's bookmark bar.

Clipper 1

STEP 2: Search for your item on any website.

Clipper 2

STEP 3: Select the detailed view of the item you want to save

Clipper 3

STEP 4: Click the "Gosscloset ® Clipper" bookmarklet in your toolbar when you are ready to save an item and edit the information in the boxes to suit your liking.

Clipper 4

STEP 5: Click SAVE and the item will be added to your Closet or to your Wish List.

Clipper 5

Victoria, Australia

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