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BODY PROPORTION: vertical body line.

  Just as the body silhouette gives you the vertical shape of your body, the proportions give you the horizontal shape. Our eyes are directly inclined for balanced proportions, its...


Just as the body silhouette gives you the vertical shape of your body, the proportions give you the horizontal shape. Our eyes are directly inclined for balanced proportions, its in your brain and everyday life. If you buy some flowers, you look for the ones that are symmetrical in shape, colour and smell good. In architecture, a strong, symmetrical and well-proportioned building catches you eye for its beauty and your confidence for its safety features. And what about art? Lovely paintings, sculptures, photography… we can stare to beautiful creations for hours, or prefer one or the other artist or techniques, or like better one or other type of flowers. And the amazing thing, is that they are all different but beautiful!

As you probably have heard before, Leonardo Da Vinci around 1480AC made the famous drawing known as the Canon of proportions, based on the descriptions of perfect human proportions from the roman architect Vitruvius. It states that the ideal body is 8 heads height in man, and later was said is 7.5 for women. Artists recommend the application of this rule for drawing and painting human bodies, and most of the clothes are designed under this rule as well. This is why some clothing that fit your friends don’t fit you and/or vice versa, even if you are similar in height or weight.


These dimensions will let you know whether you are long waisted, long legged, short waisted, short legged or balanced, and will be the basis for you to create balance between the top and bottom half of your body. The idea is not have halves, but thirds, to create balance, for example:


If you are wearing a long top or jacket the best is to wear a short skirt or narrow trousers, & vice versa, if you wear a short top, jacket or high waist belt, a longer/fuller skirt or trousers work better. This is how the 1/3 – 2/3 rule works.

Have a look at these sketches and see how the long legged woman seems taller than the others, even if they are exactly the same height.








Long legs/ Short torso

Having long legs should be one of your assets, as they will make you look taller and if styled properly, slimmer. Most of the times, long legged women have a short waist. Avoid wearing waist-bands, bring the attention to your face and your long legs.

It might be tricky to find skirts or trousers for the long legged, but maxi skirts, capri pants, patterned trousers and tops over the hem line of your bottoms work perfect. As well, those long strands of pearls and beads would look great.

Short Legs/Long torso

Unlike the long legged, you need to bring the attention to your torso and minimize the short of your legs. Avoid any horizontal lines to your bottom half as knee-high boots, cuffs on your trousers, etc. But the good news is that having a long torso or waist means you have a smaller waist. Accentuate it to bring the attention to your upper half with crossover dresses and tops, and belts.


Remember, the most important of this idea, is to create a balance between your upper and lower body, and for this, there is a golden rule even more important to create that balance: separate the body into 1/3 – 2/3 thirds without shortening your figure or adding side volume; remember this rule creates a more pleasant look than diving your body in halves, giving it harmony and movement. 



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