About Gosscloset

Gosscloset started in Melbourne, Australia as an idea by Mexican born Priscila Skeet.  While searching the web for constructive help with fashion and style she started working on the idea of creating a site that has all the tools required to manage ones own style whilst establishing a community of like minded people.

The philosophy of Gosscloset is for users to get the most from the items in their closet and to make informed decisions about future additions.  To be able to create outfits and to save these for later.  To ask for help or opinions about outfits and to get inspiration from others. Members can share their Closet with everyone, selected friends, their stylist or be kept completely private. There is a Style Blog section to allow members to share ideas, experiences and wisdom, Circles for creating or joining more specialised communities and a Shopping Mall.

Define your style personality, polish your closet and leave your mark everywhere you go and on everything you do, be proud of yourself and NEVER be afraid to show what you’ve got, that’s your essence and presence in this world.  Join Gosscloset now, it is completely free....just a username and password and a valid email.



Victoria, Australia

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