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A very easy and quick way to know what your skin needs...

SKIN TYPE TEST. Most of us women spend a fortune on beauty products to later be disappointed of the results, or the ones we just  don’t get to see. And there is...


Most of us women spend a fortune on beauty products to later be disappointed of the results, or the ones we just don’t get to see. And there is no one to blame really, as it is very pleasing and exciting to stare at those glossy and beautiful ads, either on magazines, online, street, etc., with the picture of a gorgeous woman with more-than-perfect skin and we innocently believe we will end up looking that perfect if we buy the product she is ‘using’ (also we tend to forget about the magic’s of makeup and 

Photoshop as well). But by the end of the bottle, if we ever get there, nothing happens and we end up with a big dissapointment, telling our friends we have been ripped off or writing bad reviews online or wherever we can, blaming the product of being useless.

Well, maybe it might be part true that the product didn’t do as promised, but maybe our reasons are not 100% and there might be room to believe that the product contains ingredients that are just NOT what your skin needs.

Taking this very basic skin test will help you to know what your skin type is, and then discuss with the specialist at the beauty counter what you need and what they have available to suit your specific needs, and then it will be easier to give a more objective review about the product’s performance.

Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry, don’t scrub with the towel, just pat dry and don’t apply any moisturizer or anything else on your skin; wait around 2-3 hours and press a piece of blotting paper, tissue or paper towel against your skin, and look at the results:

Normal skin. Your skin feels good, with neither oily or dryness patches anywhere.

Sensitive skin. It feels a bit taut, with a bit of redness or uncomforting areas that can be even itchy or a bit inflamed. This type of skin is usually very sensitive to changes of any kind, like moisturizers, makeup, cleanser or to the weather.

Dry skin. Your skin gets very dry, tight and even flaky.

Oily skin. You will be able to look at some traces of oil especially on the T-zone, forehead, nose and chin; cheeks blot a bit of oil as well.

Combination skin. The oil will come from the T-zone but not much or none from the cheeks. While the first one might be oily, the latter ones feel a bit dry.

After you finish your test dont forget to have a look at your beauty products, and never use them again on your face if they are not appropriate for you, they might be doing more damage than any good; give them away or use them instead on your hands, elbows, etc., until you finish them off, dont waste your money.

It is also a good idea to have a closer look at the ingredients and research them online, you might find very interesting information on what you are feeding your skin with.


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