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ABSTRACT: As memory plays a very significant role in a student’s life, we are going to share some efficient ways to enhance it to perform better in oral and written exams. MAIN...


As memory plays a very significant role in a student’s life, we are going to share some efficient ways to enhance it to perform better in oral and written exams.



Students should avoid rote learning as much as possible. They should, instead, try to understand the gist of the subject they are studying and then write it in their own words to make it easier to memorize. They will thus not need to revise the matter again and again until the exam is over as their brains will have saved the entire idea of it in the permanent memory so it’s easier to access it anytime.


Pick certain portion of a chapter and read it carefully repeatedly until you learn it well enough and then take five minutes break and do whatever you like but study and then return to take another portion of the chapter. This aids in concentration and hence better memorization.

  1.    TRICKS

Make use of acronyms to learn difficult and long terms with ease. Then using these acronyms, make a phrase that will be easy for you to remember, called mnemonic.  Highlight keywords and key concepts used in chapters and list them down to use them as links to remember the context of the chapter in your own words directly rather than needing to go through the entire chapter again and again.

  1. SLEEP

Take sufficient sleep before beginning to memorize the subject as fresh mind holds information longer and better than a disturbed one. Also, take at short naps for at least half an hour during the entire day as a break from studies.    


As you move forward with the chapters, keep revising the previous ones for it is highly possible to replace new information with the previous one. Ask yourself questions about previous chapters randomly to make sure you still have it there in your memory.


Use your wit and common sense to crop out additional information which doesn’t form an essential part of your syllabus. Be selective in what you learn to invest your time effectively. If you are interested in gaining extra information, do it after exams. The lesser there is to memorize the better it will be.


Bring discipline in your life. According to scientific research it is proved that brain works at its best in the early morning and elders sharing their experiences say that whatever they memorized in the morning is still there in their memories. It’s the time when brains are fresh and clear from all thoughts. So, sleep early to rise early and take healthy breakfast before starting to study.


You might think you are a multi-tasking person, and you may be one as well,  but human brain is capable of retaining information better when it is focused on one thing at a time. Leave everything when you pick up your book and do just one thing “study”. Keep all distractions away from you that are suspected to divert your attention because then you will be learning things in bits and parts and at the end you will be regretting more.


This article is written by Michael Sam who is renowned for his distinctive click essay writing skills.


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    Dec 21, 2018

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  • Sophia Alves

    Sophia Alves
    Sep 14, 2017

    Hi Michael, I have to say, these are some amazing tips. I am actually not a student, but I could use some of these, this is great for our day-to-day activities, and not just students! Thanks for sharing these :-)


Victoria, Australia

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