Halter Neck

Keep the slim-sleek-straight line of the plunge from your halter with a fine necklace, pendant and some drops of perfume... and leave the rest to their imagination

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TATOOS: Celtic Knot.

Celtic tattoos originated amongst ancient Britons and Pictish tribes, tatooing themselves for ceremonial and battle purposes as well as to ward them against evil spirits.
This Celtic ancestry and form of art is found in the illuminated prayer books and manuscripts of the monks of those days, like the Book of Kells that dates back to the ninth century, and it is from books like this one where people adopted the intrincate symbols to ink them in their bodies more recently.
The original Read More »...

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Wholesale Pakistani Suits Online Lawn Collection

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10 Perfect Wedding Shoes

We believe that every woman loves to wear the perfect pair of shoes during her wedding day. From sparkly high heels to garden-ready flats, your big day will be incomplete without wearing a lovely pair of wedding shoes. Read More »

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Your Fall '16 Basic Trend to Follow

As every year, we tend to go window shopping or go through endless internet pages of research to find out what is 'IN' for fashion the next season in order to spice or revive our closet and look as fashionable as possible and as long as pockets allow us to extend. We have done the scrolling-pages-job for you to brief you what the fall 2016 season brings so your only worry now is a healthy cc. Read More »

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How to Pick a Silver Jewelry For Your Lady Love

For centuries, silver has been associated with wealth and luxury. It is one of the most popular precious metals, especially for jewellery making, because of its beautiful colour and easy pliability. Read More »

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5 Simple Dressing Tips During Summer

When you have a summer brimming with fun plans, like whirlwind weekend getaways, seaside exploration, or weeklong vacations, the last place you want to be is at work behind a desk, in front of a computer on a Friday afternoon, counting down the seconds until you can peace. And if the only thing standing between you and paradise is the small matter of getting there, we highly suggest minimizing time wasted and maximizing efficiency with jet-setting outfits that can carry you from the office to th Read More »...

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How to dress classy and trendy like Tom Cruise?

Do you want to get yourself a classy look just like Tom Cruise? Then fulfill your wish by dressing up like him. Read More »

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Useful tips for Small, Medium and Large Lips.

Make the most of your lovely pout and say with your lips more than just can say. Read More »

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Comfort and Fashion Statement of Modern Day Lingerie

women's breasts are something to be admired for their beauty. But when it comes to the lingerie that your partner needs to cover this particular part of her anatomy our eyes tend to glaze over. Read More »

Good Morning Mojito for TWO

This recipe is a very healthy smoothie for the morning to fight dull and lacklustre skin, giving you a super dose of high-energy greens, an it actually tastes VERY nice!! So much needed after this holiday period where food and drinks just flows down our throats!! Read More »

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Working from Home: The Beauty and the Beast.

Most people are used to the routine of getting out of bed, getting dressed and driving themselves to a work place. We call this 'normal' job and people get paid for what they do, and so we measure success in terms of how well they climb the ladder, call it company positions or monthly cheques. But what happens when people go in a different direction? Here we paint a word picture of some of those misconceptions and what's more, some tips for people who decide to work from the peace of their home. Read More »

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Obsessed With These Fanciful Sole Twins (and their relatives)...

It is wisely said that It's not the destination that brings happiness to your life, but the journey! And what else if not your shoes are the perfect ally for the roving?
There is a combination of heavenly magic and mundane pleasure inside the mystery of shoes and their charisma has been growing, expanding end evolving throughout centuries within the master minds behind their fashioning. Read More »

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