BODY PROPORTION: vertical body line.

Just as the body silhouette gives you the vertical shape of your body, the proportions give you the horizontal shape. Our eyes are directly inclined for balanced proportions, its in your brain and everyday life. If you buy some flowers, you look for the ones that are symmetrical in shape, colour and smell good. In architecture, a strong, symmetrical and well-proportioned building catches you eye for its beauty and your confidence for its safety features. And what about art? Lovely paintin Read More »...

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Sick and tired of the same clothes?? More Revamp with less $$

There comes the time when we all get bored of wearing the same clothes over and over again, but spending a fortune on replacing all your closet isn't a option either, as you have to save for the downpayment of your new apartment/house, keep paying the car, school fees or maybe planning a baby.... plus the fixed costs of our day-to-day life are not going anywhere and bills keep coming under the door.
As well, there is nothing more refreshing than looking yourself in the mirror and feel proud and Read More »...

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Neckline and Necklace: Two Of a Kind!

Just like in any other kind of mixture, there some special characteristics in the ingredients that combined create a pristine outcome: in human relations, in the kitchen, the flora and fauna, metals, chemicals and so on. Read More »

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How to dress classy and trendy like Tom Cruise?

Do you want to get yourself a classy look just like Tom Cruise? Then fulfill your wish by dressing up like him. Read More »

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Halter Neck

Keep the slim-sleek-straight line of the plunge from your halter with a fine necklace, pendant and some drops of perfume... and leave the rest to their imagination

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Just as with hair, skin, bodies, faces, etc., we all have different type of lashes and it is actually very handy to think about what kind of mascara formula are you applying everyday as you might get frustrated by not achieving the results you are expecting to get: full-long-thick-colourful lashes. Or you might actually be after a natural look! Read More »

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Women’s Contemporary Styles Off to Fast Start... the latest trends experts agree on.

Tops with sleeve interest, wide-leg cropped pants, bohemian dresses and unusual shirting have been among the standouts in contemporary styles at several brick-and-mortar specialty stores so far this spring. Read More »

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The Fashion Industry Reacts to the Tragic Loss of Designer Richard Nicoll

Richard Nicoll, a designer who studied at Central Saint Martins and launched an eponymous label of women’s and men’s clothes in London, died today in Sydney at the age of 39. Having put his signature brand on hold, he was on the verge of a new chapter, having accepted a job at adidas as creative director. Today, friends and colleagues around the world are mourning his tragic loss. Read More »

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The Baby-Boom generation wore them all time during the 60's and 70's and we can see them these days on people who love the Boho-Style. Most surely it is from them, past and present, that some of the most fabulous designers around the globe have found inspiration for their collections and offering us new inspiration for our daily outfits... and we're glad! Read More »

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Obsessed With These Fanciful Sole Twins (and their relatives)...

It is wisely said that It's not the destination that brings happiness to your life, but the journey! And what else if not your shoes are the perfect ally for the roving?
There is a combination of heavenly magic and mundane pleasure inside the mystery of shoes and their charisma has been growing, expanding end evolving throughout centuries within the master minds behind their fashioning. Read More »

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Top 5 Costume Jewellery Ideas for Girls

Costume jewellery is something that you can purchase to match any occasion and fit the mood of any party. Stylish, colourful and eye-catching in their designs, it is no wonder that every woman has her stash of costume jewellery. Read More »

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A designer packs a lot of creation into 35 years. As her big 35th anniversary approached, Carolina Herrera looked back on her career, distilling favorite imagery into a celebratory book published by Rizzoli. She found plenty of diversity — tons of fashion has come and gone since 1981 — but also a consistent adherence to elegance and chic. For this collection, Herrera wanted to look back, specifically to her first collection, and draw from it. “So it’s more or less a take on these things I had, but done for today,” she said backstage at the Frick, its calm elegance once again offering a welcome respite from show madness.

“Today” was front and center. In recent seasons, Herrera’s aesthetic has evolved toward simplicity. While her designs are hardly plain, she’s recently tempered the excess in a way that has highlighted the clothes’ inherent chic. For spring, she kept a minimal palette — black and white, blue (as in denim), khaki and a hint of pink here or there in a lustrous brocade.

She worked volume in gentle constructions. A sculpted denim dress with neckline drape; a khaki shirtdress with brocade overskirt that radiated sophistication. On the younger side of her range, which Herrera has also been developing of late: a pair of romantic tiered skirts paired with charming white sweaters, one lean with buttoned sleeves and a coquette feel, the other, loose with black piping and a von Trapp uniform vibe. And if a third sweater, with “35” emblazoned on the sleeve, fell to the contemporary side of on-brand, it was but a singular indulgence.

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